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Sewing Notions: Needle Threaders

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Part pic   Part No. 1424T
Needle Threaders - Generic Needle Threader- Wire threader for hand and machine needles. Aluminum.

 Price: $ 2.00
  Part No. SLT2
Needle Threaders - Looper Threader- An invaluable tool for sergers. Great for use in serger classes and workshops. It passes directly through the looper which makes threading easier. Made of plastic. Green.

 Price: $ 4.50
Part pic   Part No. L2178
Needle Threaders - Looper Threader- For easy threading of loopers on overlock machines.

 Price: $ 1.50
Part pic   Part No. 37-318
Needle Threaders - Overlock Threader- Brass twisted threading wire for all overlocks.

 Price: $ 1.50
Part pic   Part No. 1424
Needle Threaders - Generic Needle Threader- Wire bow type for machine and hand needle.

 Price: $ 1.75
Part pic   Part No. 422B
Boye Needle Threaders - Yarn Threader- With the exclusive "Self Threading" feature.
 Price: $ 6.99
Part pic   Part No. CN-466
Clover Needle Threaders - Quilt Needle Threader- Ideal threader for fine needles. Made of a sturdy special super fine steel wire. Comes with a black plate to make to steel wire easily visible and threading easier.
 Price: $ 6.50
Part pic   Part No. CN-478
Clover Needle Threaders - "Petit Cut" Needle Threader- two per card
 Price: $ 3.99
Part pic   Part No. CN-512
Clover Needle Threaders - Threading Needle Cassette- For sharps No. 2 through No. 10 and all other needles that can be fitted into the cassette.
 Price: $ 5.99
  Part No. N489
Coats & Clark Needle Threaders - Needle Threader with Magnifier- Magnifier "caps" the threader, pull apart to use.
 Price: $ 6.00
  Part No. N545
Coats & Clark Needle Threaders - Looper & Needle Threader for Serger- Makes threading a serger quick and easy.
 Price: $ 3.00
  Part No. N487
Coats & Clark Needle Threaders - For hand and machine needles. Four per package.
 Price: $ 5.99
  Part No. N546
Coats & Clark Needle Threaders - Use for embroidery and needlework yarns. Two per package.
 Price: $ 5.99
  Part No. N488
Coats & Clark Needle Threaders - Needle threader at one end; thread cutter at the other. Three per package.
 Price: $ 10.50
  Part No. C64
Collins Needle Threaders - Wire threader for hand or machine needles. Three count.
 Price: $ 11.99
Part pic   Part No. C50
Collins Needle Threaders - Needlework Threader with Cutter- Has a strong stainless steel rectangular wire designed expressly for threading tapestry and chenille needles. The wire has a large opening for easy threading. Large east to grasp handle features a safe recessed blade.
 Price: $ 18.00
Part pic   Part No. C66
Collins Needle Threaders - 2-Needle Threader & Cutter- Includes a handy cutter for thread, yarn, etc. For hand and machine needles.
 Price: $ 10.99
  Part No. C140
Collins Needle Threaders - Serger Looper & Needle Threader- A threader that works on all serger/ overlock sewing machines. The length and strength make it easier to thread loopers, and with it's fine threader, it can reach through the smallest of serger needles & thread with ease.
 Price: $ 3.00
Part pic   Part No. C84
Collins Needle Threaders - Automatic Needle Threader- Automatically threads needles.
 Price: $ 21.00
Part pic   Part No. D10500
Dritz Needle Threaders - Tapestry Needle Threader- Use to thread crewel and yarn needles. This durable metal threader features two threader sizes in one for embroidery floss, crewel and needlepoint yarns. Two count.
 Price: $ 5.99
  Part No. D249
Dritz Needle Threaders - Three wire threader for machine or hand needles. Aluminum.
 Price: $ 6.00
  Part No. D250
Dritz Needle Threaders - Whipper Needle Threader- Automatically threads large or small eye needles easily.
 Price: $ 10.99
Part pic   Part No. D53
Dritz Needle Threaders - Threader with Magnifier- The magnifier makes needle threading easy. This fine wire threader fits all needle sizes.
 Price: $ 7.00
Part pic   Part No. HC134
Heritage Needle Threaders - Craft Needle Size- Polished brass and lacquered, split ring on end for hanging on necklace.

 Price: $ 14.99
  Part No. HC1234-I
Heritage Needle Threaders - Replacement wire for HC134
 Price: $ 4.00
  Part No. S00056
Singer Needle Threaders - Plastic threader for hand and machine. Three count.
 Price: $ 12.00
  Part No. S00058
Singer Needle Threaders - Wire threader for hand and machine. Three count.
 Price: $ 13.50
  Part No. TF0257
Tailorform Needle Threaders - Wire Threader for hand or machine.
 Price: $ 5.99
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